Tuesday 12 September 2023

Rolling Stock 2022 - 2023

April 1 2023 in CP yard London.
Here is a look at some of the rolling stock I photographed over the past year. If you are a contemporary modeler this might give you some ideas...George Dutka 

Pretty hard to find a clean MMA car these days. Most that I have seen look similar. On CP, April 1 2023

Feb. 8 2023 a fairly clean looking covered hopper in the CN London yard.

January 21 2023 has a string of stone cars ready for unloading while an underpass is being built under the CP west end of the yard here in London. One does not have to be fancy with lettering.

July 4 2023

July 4 2023

An oh no in the CN yard London when a track rolls out into the side of another. CN has a load of ties in a WC gondola Sept 17 2022. It appears this gondola can twist a bit without damage.

June 1 2023 London, Ont.

Some interesting graffiti in CP yard June 3 2023. Someone was thinking of food at that moment. 

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