Tuesday 26 September 2023

September This and That

A Kadee PS hopper ready to get the treatment. I have been using Panel Line black a bit lately and will fill you in on the product shortly.
A fall look at some modeling that I started back in the summer. Most of my projects are still on the go as my modeling had stopped to take care of my wife. But as time goes by I will show you what I did. I do have a lot of finished projects from early summer and spring to show you this fall. I also included  some prototype stuff here also...George Dutka  

I took this photo back in the summer of how the hopper looked at the time. Nothing has changed yet but once I get back modeling it will be finishing off...it will not take much. This car will have a very rusty roof. The panel line has been applied to the sides but not the ends and hatches.
This is a scene that once stood on John Blatherwick's layout of a town he called Brattle Falls. It is a combination of Bellows Falls and Brattleboro. The scene looks a bit like the backs of the buildings near the Brattleboro station. John once had family living in Brattleboro although he lived in Toronto were he once worked as an architect. John has since passed and the layout has come down. Back in the 1980's and 90's I would meet up with John at CVRHS and Rutland conventions. I had visited John many times at his home in Toronto but never photographed it. He always wanted it to be further along before any photos were taken. Ed Freeman passed this view along to me some months ago.

I took this photo using my phone from the current Classic Trains issue. It is of the GT yard in Island Pond during the 1960's. I had built one of the GT boom cars which I see in this photo with the fish belly frame, but I also noted they had a boom car similar to the Tichy kit unaltered I used.

On a visit to WRJ on May 4 2000 I had a chance to photograph Guilford power doing some work around the yard and by the station.

CP 6404 leads the way at the overpass on Hyde Park Rd. here in London, Ont. on Oct 13 1993. I scanned a few of my fall views last year and hope to show you a few this fall. 

This fall this might be a meeting to attend.

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