Tuesday 5 September 2023

Hood's Creamery - Main Structure

The creamery is ready to be set into the diorama.

The creamery main structure is a Walther kit offered both in it's creamery kit a number of years ago and also as a feed store a couple of years back (in my last Walther catalog). The structure needed some regluing as the assembly was not the best. The windows all popped out so they could be painted and reinstalled...George Dutka  

The trackside view of the creamery has a scratch built platform that requires a bit of detailing. All the signage is from a Hoods calendar that I colored copied. The windows and doors are colored green. I left the door part way open.

The two bricked in windows will actually be hidden when the add-ons are set into the scene.

I added a new wood platform on the roadside of the structure. I also have one door partly open. The vents on the roof are BEST details. 

The overhang is applied which has construction paper used as tar paper. Roberts brick mortar was used on all the walls overtop the spray can red that was first applied.