Thursday, 1 December 2016

N Scale Vehicles by Sylvan Scale Models

Here we see George's vehicles posed at the workbench.  Looks like he had a good steady hand when he applied those trim

Commentary by Peter Mumby, with Photos by George Dutka.
George's primary modelling emphasis both on his layout and in this blog is on the railroads of the 1950s in HO scale.  However, periodic references hint at minority interests in N standard gauge and 0n30 narrow gauge modelling.  If you are not familiar with George's companion blog "Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge," be sure to check it out.

Back on Saturday April 16, 2016, we attended the Ontario Narrow Gauge Show held at the Schomberg Community Hall.  We took in the displays and spent a little coin on some O-scale detail parts.  Then we noticed that Clare Gilbert was in attendance with his assortment of vehicle kits.  These were primarily in HO scale, but our attention was focused on some relatively new offerings in N.  We had already made plans to cooperate on a pair of N-scale modules, so we decided to acquire two three-packs of Clare's cars.  Priced at about $10.00/pack, we bought one each of VN-129, Studebaker Half Ton Pickup, 1949-53 and VN-161, 1952 Chevy 2 door sedan.

These kits became one of the first projects for our 2016/17 modelling season.  After George airbrushed the parts with an assortment of Floquil colours, the balance of the assembly was straightforward.  Instructions are not even included, as only the under frames and wheel sets need to be glued to the one-piece bodies.  The window openings can be cleaned out, and then trim colours can be added.  A little silver paint highlighted bumpers and headlights, and red was dotted on the tail lights.  We also experimented with a silver metallic permanent marker available in the Sharpie line.

These are not highly detailed kits, but give a good impression from a typical viewing distance.

Which would you choose to employ, a paintbrush or the Sharpie marker?  Both seemed to work well for us.

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