Friday 9 December 2016

B&M - Lilly Pond NH Flag Stop

B&M Lilly Pond, NH. Harry A. Frye collection is marked on the back. Kind of a neat station that one can model really easily. It could sit almost anywhere along the ROW.
This fall at the NNGC I spent some time going through a table full of narrow gauge photos. I did find a few that I liked. The gentleman also had a binder of MEC photos which I took a look at. He asked me if there was any other lines I was interested in. When I mentioned the B&M he pulled out two albums full of old B&W structure photos. This was the gold mine for me and he discounted the price to boot as no one other than me showed any interest. He had been collecting area railroad photos for decades and was looking at cleaning house now. Don't remember his name but was a local Maine fellow. This view is one of the handful I picked out...more to come once I get to scanning once again...George Dutka

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