Monday 19 December 2016

Bellows Falls Tunnel - WRD

The finished brick building flat is in place. There maybe more done to it once the parts are arranged.
Here are some finished views of building flat next to the tunnel. Since I finished it this fall I came across some interesting details that will be add to the final appearance...but for now this is it...George Dutka

The walls got a coat of car primer to start then a India ink wash followed by acrylic dollar store white and powders. Floquil depot green for the windows. I added some junk to the roof...once I find a skylight or hatch doorway this will also be added.

The sign is a freebee offering at a past Fine Scale Expo from Gatorfoam. I thought the structure needed something like this for more interest. I have recently found some vents that maybe installed in a window.

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