Sunday, 18 December 2016

Snapshot - December 2016

Bellows Falls yard and ex-creamery Sept. 26 1996.
I was looking through my photos of the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery the other day as I am building a building flat that kind of reflects it to some extent. I had forgot about this photo that I took on one of my visits. I had sent it in to the RRHS Newsliner for use in the Winter 1997 issue. Thought you would all enjoy a look...George Dutka

Now or Then?
On occasion the vision and charm of the old Rutland Ry. appears fixed or unchanged following the passage of time in Vermont. Viewing my photo taken in 1996 during the Green Mountain era, there appears to be nothing to indicate that it was not taken in the 1950's. Included in this scene is a B&M milk car still lettered in its original style. This car actually was used by the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery seen in the background during the late 1950's and 1960's for the shipping of crated milk.

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