Friday 2 December 2016

Tom Oxnard - B&M Layout

One of  Tom's newer scenes set in the next room.
On our way to this fall's NNGC Don Janes and I stopped by Exeter, NH to visit with Tom Oxnard and see his B&M layout. Tom has had articles of his layout published in MR Dec 2009, Dec 2012, Dec 2014 and May 2015. Tom's layout is point-to-point set in 1952. Located in a 28 by 18-foot space it has a 144-foot single track mainline built on hand-laid code 83 track. There are big city and mountain scenes throughout. Tom's structures are very impressive which are either scratch-built, craftsman kits, or kit-bashed. A great visit with a very talented modeler...George Dutka

Don and Tom discuss one of the many interesting structures Tom has built. Tom also took in the NNGC and we got a chance to visit with him from time to time while taking in clinics and museum tours.

B&M 6000, Tom's version of the Flying Yankee, New England's first streamliner that was delivered by Budd in Feb. 1935.

Tom had an article published in the May 2015 Model Railroader featuring how switch tower H was built.

A different angle of the first view. A really nice town scene.
Tom had an article published this spring in the NMRA Bulletin on this structure. There is a nice group of photos viewing the prototype scene.

A typical B&M station found along the line.
If you get a chance to look through a copy of the book above Tom has a nice article published inside. This is a new book for 2017.

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