Saturday 31 December 2016

Looking Ahead to 2017

I built this little diorama using a garage I purchase already built back in November. With some weathering and a lot of details it is looking pretty good...more on this next month.
About a week ago my wife and I made plans to head to Florida next week. Deciding on which coast to visit was easy as I have not seen my cousin in about 5 years (they live just north of Daytona Beach) and the Coco Beach RPM meet is on during this time frame. I have not been to the Coco Beach event, so it will be nice to take some of it in...remember my wife is along. We will be staying on site at the Coco Beach Hilton making it easy to take in a few clinics during the evenings. The pool is suppose to be heated so look for me there during the afternoon with drink in hand.

I have been working on the background scenery in Bellows Falls. My version of the Co-Operative creamery is built along with two other structures...these I will cover once I get back from down south. I also finished revamping a few structures for sale at upcoming shows ( purchased built but have been redone and detailed) I really like how they turned out and I think I might just hang onto them for now. More on these later. Anyhow if you are Coco Beach and you see me, make sure to say hello...even if we have never met before...George Dutka

The third and last build of my Bar Mills shack-pack will be used in my Bellows Falls scene. More on this one shortly.

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