Saturday 10 December 2016

New Brick and Stone Mill in Bellows Falls

At Bellows Falls the mill complex is one of my background scenes.
Bellows Falls is still full of large old industrial brick and stone structures. I decided to build something similar in style for my backdrop around the diamond location. Don showed up last spring with a box of South River Model Works brick castings which I played around with till I came up with something I liked. I had already built a stone one floor structure a couple of years ago that I wanted to include into my scene. Here is what I came up with...George Dutka

The basic walls are set in place with my finished stone structure.

I used a small wood breezeway to connect the two different style of structures together. The chimney is a Sylvan Scale Model product.
The scene is almost finished. I still need to add more trees in behind the buildings. The slate roofing is a Northeastern product that I just photocopied, cut and glued onto styrene. I would have needed 4 packages to do the two roofs. I think they look well for in the background. The roof doorway added to the stone structure is a Bar Mills kit.
Some of the windows are boarded up while others got vent fans from Bar Mills and FOS.
The entrance to my mill complex has a St. Johnsbury truck departing with a load.

The stone structure was made from Railway Design Associates parts. Peter and I both built one using a box full of leftovers I purchased at a Fine Scale Expo a few years back. I will cover this structure later as a separate post.

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