Thursday 22 December 2016

Creamery - Updated

My old Borden's creamery is back in service after a couple of years in storage. I built this model back in the 1980's following RMC plans by Dave Frary.
This fall I decided to update a creamery I took off the layout a couple of years ago. I had left the spot open for a new mill that is still to be built. With the local railroad club coming over in early December I decided to fill that space for now. Here is how it looks now....George Dutka

I decided to redo the roof as it was warped. The new roof is going to be tarpaper as seen by a sheet of Minute Man Models products.

The new roof is on and weathered. I also added some weathering to the Campbell shingles on the other side of the structure. A new walkway at the front door is also built and stained.

The area the creamery is placed is a flat location. I decided to add all the details to the sidewalls making it very easy to change the scene. Just need to lift it off and place the next structure down....will show you shortly a creamery scene flip here.

A busy place with lots of clutter all around.

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