Tuesday 27 December 2016

Across the River from Randolph, Maine

Gardiner, Maine MEC station, Sept. 2016
Don and I stopped in Randolph, Maine to check out the location of the old Maine two footer, Kennebec Central Ry. Right across the river is the MEC lower main station at Gardiner, Maine. I don't believe this part of the old MEC line is still used...neat to see...George Dutka

I took this photo from just above the location of the old Kennebec Central Ry. yard and roundhouse. At one time there was a covered bridge to my right that passenger used to cross the river between stations. Today a newer bridge is located further to my right. It was kind of a work out for passengers as they had to walk up a long set of stairs from the Randolph station on the riverbank, then across the river to the other side for the MEC.

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