Friday 16 December 2016

Bellows Falls Tunnel - Update

A look towards the Bellows Falls tunnel on July 21 1989 Warren Dodgson photo. The downtown area can be clearly seen in the background.
Back in the summer I played around with Don's casting to add a more detailed scene around the tunnel portal. Don also sent me a photo which gives me a better look at what should be added. As much of the building will not be seen I used a mix of plaster casting, wood scribed siding and matte boards to come up with my own is what I came up with...George Dutka.

Don Janes took this photo a few years back which shows some of the other structures near the tunnel. I decided to add a taller brick structure as seen in the background of this photo to my scene.
The partly finished building is set next to the tunnel. Not a exact replica but something that reflects the feeling that downtown is nearby. The other building to the right is one built by Don Janes and given to me for inclusion in my scene. The rebuild of the roadway down along the tracks will be the next part of the scene I will explore.
A mix of South River Models casting, cast stone and scribed wood. Styrene roofing and matte board supports are also used. Much of what you see here will not show once set in the scene so not a lot of detail needs to be added.

I dug through my box of Bellows Falls prints and came up with another view of the tunnel scene. Here is a wide angle view taken by Warren Dodgson on May 17, 1992. It was taken from the same general area Don took his.

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