Monday 27 May 2019

At the Lake

Keene B&M shops in background 1900.
My boat went in on Thursday and with no internet at our area of the marina (I don't seem to get away from my boat when there...being unplugged while I am there is quite nice) posting is hit and miss. Some problems with my prop shaft, letting water in the boat has kept me down below trying to slow the flow. I did get it fixed before I came home...could have had it fixed the first day but that would not be any fun when the beer is flowing also. With the better weather arriving posts will be a bit thin at times. I have a few Throwback Thursdays on file from Peter and a nice group of almost finished posts that will take me through the end of June.

Don and I are away beginning Wednesday to attend the New England RPM in Connecticut. We will fill you in on how things went. We hope to get in a bit of railfanning if the rain stays away...stay tuned...George Dutka

An older view of the WRD...thinking I took this photo about 2007 or 2008 well before the rebuild.
If you are modeling the WRJ station and it is 1993 some of the walls are painted. Matt Flynn photo Sept. 19 1993.
Another overall look at my Accurail PTM boxcar.

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