Thursday 16 May 2019

Rolling Stock - A Look at Some Old Projects

A Tichy kit which became a D&H model back in 2012.
The next 5-6 days will focus on rolling stock, model and prototype. To begin  with we have here a look at some of my old projects. I was going through my photo files looking for a particular view and thought I would show you some of my past projects. Some cars I have posted about others have yet to make the grade...enjoy...George Dutka

An Atlas model I was working on a number of years ago. It is an updated Branchline model. The finished Branchline model is seen in the background. I am thinking this style of kit might be a great candidate for adding National Scale Car details to.
Peter and I worked on a box full of shells using detail parts we had on hand to come up with some nice looking models. This is one of Peter's finished models.
Our finished shells.
Here is what I began with for the model viewed above including a prototype photo to work from.
A F&C 36' boxcar model I built a few years back. It is seen here in regular service on the WRD. I like using as many shorter cars as I can which makes my trains appear longer, which is nice on a smaller size layout.
My finished Tichy kit.
This Rutland RPO car is not an exact replica but a model that John Blatherwick lettered back in the 1980's. I purchased it from his estate about a decade ago. John was a New England modeler living in Toronto. I added new grabs, better stirrups and a coat of Floquil grimy black to the roof. The sides had a bit of weathering already that I touched up. I think John blocked some of the windows at some point.
Details added and ready for paint. This is one of the shells Peter and I worked on a number of years ago.

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