Saturday 18 May 2019

Portland Terminal Boxcar - Updated

Ready to roll on the WRD. Some PanPastel grays had been added during the May 2018 facelift.
I posted about my updates to this Accurail model back on July 15, 2016. Last May I played around with the cars weathering using some acrylics. I painted the roof walk a Model Master wood and rusted up the roof and some of the metal supports. It seemed OK but not exactly what I wanted. This May I had it back on my workbench for some AK paint weathering. I was just trying out a few new products I recently purchased which I think I like...George Dutka

I originally cut off the ladders and added wire grabs such as the prototype. The paint was touched up with Floquil mix of Brunswick green and Reading green.
Some original weathering given to the roof back in 2016.
The boxcar door was darkened and metal rusted using AK products. I used rust effects on the metal and wooden wash on the wooden portions of the door. The seams of the siding is highlighted with a sharp pencil in random locations. The Kadee trip pins are also clipped. The ends of the knuckles are touched with a silver marker giving the look of a well used and worn coupler.
Some PanPastel grays had been added during the May 2018 facelift. I left the sides as-is just highlighting the door. Thinking I may still repaint the trucks shortly.
Last May I painted the roof walks Model Master wood which I decided to highlight better this time around with some pencil lead between the boards. The roofing got AK weathered rust wash which I think makes the roof look a lot better than in the 2016 photo.
I touched a few spots on the roof ribs and the door metal bracing with a silver magic marker.

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