Friday 3 May 2019

Guilford (B&M) - Athearn SD-39

WRD just added more power to it's late 1980's or early 1990's era fleet.
I recently picked up a Guilford Ry. engine for my summertime fleet. Peter's B&M engine has been returned for annual service maintenance and could return at a later date if a power shortage arises. To move my era forward I added an Athearn SD-39 to my roster. It is a Economi DCC and sound unit. It runs and sounds great and being on sale within my budget...George Dutka

My model rests on a book photo ( Guilford 5 years of change ) of #691  in 1987 still in an all black scheme. The engine is ex-N&W, nee Illinois Terminal.
My engine rests on a photo of B&M 692 in new paint. Guilford picked up engines 690-692 in 1985 from Illinois Terminal.
B&M 691 is seen in the White River Jct. yard. It is pretty new looking at the moment, but will get some fading and rusting spots shortly.

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