Monday 20 May 2019

B&M ex-Troop Sleeper

My Walthers B&M baggage car is seen in the Bellows Falls yard. I darkened the roof with a light overcoat of black. The sides are lightly weathered with Bragdon powders.
One piece of rolling stock I have for B&M passenger operations is an ex-troop sleeper. I think this Walthers model is a nice addition to my fleet. I purchased and assembled it back in 2008...George Dutka

I reduced this plan down from a 32" by 10" original for a data pack I published about 20 years ago. I used this for placement of grabs.

I cropped a photos which shows an ex-troop sleeper during 1968 in use on the B&M wreck train at East Deerfield, Ma.
I had posted this photo before. The photo did not have any details marked on it.
This car came lettered although handrails needed to be attached. I used my plans for the proper handrail locations. The step under the door needed to be moved from the right side to the left. I used Kadee true scale couplers.

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