Thursday 9 May 2019

Small Brick Garage

My little AHM model that has been built into a diorama and normally rests on top of my book cabinet.
Two years ago I found two of these small brick buildings that where dollar finds at a local RR flea market. One I built and covered back at that time. The second one viewed here was also built back then but has taken me sometime to get it onto the blog. It has become a diorama that rests on my bookcase. Since then I got a third part model of this same structure which should have been a side attachment to the AHM fire hall kit I covered last year...not sure what will become of these parts yet...George Dutka

The basic structure. The weathering will be toned down shortly. Today I do it totally different, not sure if better but I find it very simple.
The base is cut and some details laid out. The tires and box is a Bar Mills detail.
I added some signs to the structure and also a lean-to made from what was once the front awning.
The box on the side is a Bar Mills detail. Some ground foam, static grass and real dirt are used to finish the scene. I dug deep into my details box to find as many different tires as possible.
The base has scribe lines added, then painted a gray concrete colouring. A lot of my extra details are included in this diorama. One can see all the different tires laying around. The roof has a few pigeons included. Note the lean-to that is the front awning and a couple pieces of scrap lumber.
The rear wall. The tire pile is a neat detail that I wished I got more of from Bar Mills. There are a few different styles of tire piles in the package and they all have been used around the layout. The pigeons are from BEST and some junk is added to the roof such as license plates, signs and boards.
Newspapers are found all around the garage and are photocopies of FOS offerings in their kits. I added a smoke stack from my parts box and a dog. Note how thick the roof material is. In future projects I will change this out. I liked the texture of what one sees, but I have some better ideas to try out on a future garage.
The structure has a variety of signs from different model manufactures. Many are from RailroadKITS.

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