Saturday 11 May 2019

More Views of Small Brick Garages

I even added a pigion to the wreck. A different angle of the lean-to.
I had a few extra views of the brick garage diorama that I thought I would share with you...a second post for today...enjoy...George Dutka

The two garages I got for a dollar each. The right one is done and sold a short time later to a gentleman who has a good collection of my models. The left shed if the focus of the post. The awning became the roof to the lean-to. The roof was glued on with an odd overhang on one side. I was able to remove it easily. The brick walls got a coat of dulcote before weathering. I did not repaint the brick.
The roofing was painted dollar store black with some soot Bragdon powder added which has a bit of rust tone to it.
You may have noted the original doors and windows are gray. I did not paint them green. That is PanPastel green that is applied to the details. It sticks well and give them a well worn look. PanPastel green is similar in shade to Floquil depot olive green.
A couple of views of the other garage. I posted about this one back in Nov 2016. This wall with the big cola sign actually was a mess. The plastic was cracked and lots of glue gobs I could not remove. The sign fixed it all very quickly.
I added the structure to a piece of Gatorfoam and detailed it up before it left to its new home. This structure sure makes for a neat little addition to a layout.

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