Friday 17 May 2019

Proto Double Door Boxcar - CNR

My newest arrival on the WRD.
I picked up this partly weathered CN boxcar at a train show a few years ago. On the table all kits were $2.50 (finished models were $5.00 what a deal) . This one had some interesting weathering applied by the modeler. Not sure why he weathered only the body and under frame. I was wondering if I could blend in what he had done with so may new details still to be added. It has sat around for a bit till I figured it all out. Did I get it right...George Dutka

This is how the boxcar looked when I got it home. Some weathered and some still new. It appears someone was trying to add a wooden floor but did not do it right so the doors will be modeled closed.
The car matched what I found in photos.
The doors are installed along with the trucks. I changed out the ladders using some Canadian prototype ladders I purchased from the Bob Bowes collection...nice to have a small bag of these when required.
The car is all together and ready for weathering.
I left one door as it had been replaced or repainted. The other door along with ladders, stirrups, grabs and brake wheel is weathered using Vallejo rust texture. Some PanPastels are also used. On the roof some burnt sienna was used for rust spots.
One of the first thing I did to the car was add the wheels and couplers. The wheels and trucks I decided to take off and paint using Camo Coat (Home Hardware) dark brown which I like better than using their dark olive colouring. When I first added the trucks to the model I was only going to give them a dirty wash and a bit of powders.Another option for wheels and trucks is Princess Auto steel spray bomb. I will be trying this on my next project.
I think the car turned out good and I feel my weathering blended in well with what the original modeler was doing.

I added a few chalk marks to the sides after all the weathering was afterthought. I was able to hide the decal to some degree, next time I will add them before weathering.

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