Monday 6 May 2019

B&M Yard Office - Green Mountain Route

Don just installed a new train order office at the end of the WRJ yard. It is at the junction where the mainline splits behind WRJ Yard. It used to be the WRJ yard office on his old layout.  It really fits nicely between the mainline and yard lead. Don Janes photo.
Don sent me these views of his old B&M yard office that has been added to his White River Jct. yard. The model if actually from his old layout being repurposed, and I think he has done a great job of it...George Dutka

The structure is an American Model Builders laser kit. The train order signal was scratch-built. The arms are some Don cast from a South River Model Works part. The little shack beside it is just a little plastic kit Don had laying around. Don Janes photos.
Don has done a nice job pulling up some of the boards and the roof looks great. Don Janes photo.
This view is from Don's old layout. I took it with my old pocket camera during a visit in December 2008.

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