Saturday 11 May 2019

Big Barn

I don't like the looks of Creative Laser Designs roofing. The roofing was flipped over. The underside has a nice smooth finish. I added strip wood for the seams. Some small breaks are cut in using a hobby knife.
In New England there are many big barns still standing and something I was hoping to include on the WRD. Creative Laser Design offers one I started a number of years ago. The plan was to use it to block the view on an expanded duck-under before the design changed and the duck-under was permanently removed. The barn is now built but not totally finished as I am not sure how I will use it. I really like the looks of it, but will it fit in somewhere.

This post is actually about the roof of Creative Laser Design kits and what I did to my barn. The roofing included with most of their kits is not all that nice looking. I decided to flip it over using the smooth side and add stripwood. More on how I built the barn and finished it will follow in another post.

Check back this evening for a second post...cheers...George Dutka

Using my chopper I cut up stripwood and glued it to the smooth surface of the roof.
The roof is done but some rust still needs to be applied. I recently have been working on a new technique for rusting roofs. I will post finished photos when I get it done.


  1. Nice weather-beaten look to the barn walls. I look forward to seeing your finished model.


    1. Thanks Jim...have to get working on a post about it...George

  2. George,
    Great job on the barn !
    Reminds me of a big old barn by Giles Xing on GMRC, about halfway btwn BFalls & Chester.

    1. Hi Kevin:
      Thanks...lots of big barns in Vermont...George