Sunday 19 May 2019

Rust Bucket No. 1

I thought this was a neat looking rust covered car that one could model. Both sides are in similar condition. GTW138311.
The younger crowd seem to like modeling what they see today making for some really neat looking models. I can see what they find appealing and have at times tried to emulate what I see also. So from time to time I hope to show you some rusty rolling stock that might be good candidates for contemporary modelers to recreate. Here we have a covered hopper Peter and I came across while we visited the CP yard in Woodstock, Ontario this year...I really liked how this one looked...George Dutka

Note it still has its ACI label. The only thing new about this car is the reflective tape applied.
The car ends still show a good amount of blue paint. CP yard, Woodstock March 9, 2019

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