Monday 21 December 2020

CNR Tool Car

My finished tool car on the WRD layout.

I just finished my recent upgrade of an Accurail 36' Fowler boxcar. It came lettered CV which was not correct. I painted out the CV and used a patchwork of CNR decals and dry transfer. The boxcar colour is a tone between Floquil boxcar red and tuscan red. I just brushed on a bit of tuscan and although the colour is dark it will blend in with the Panpastels....George Dutka 

I added Kadee true scale 158 couplers, a ladder and styrene strip on the door. The wheels are changed out with Rapido 33" steel wheels. Kadee modern brake wheel is added to a Tichy housing and styrene platform. Wire grabs, a bent uncoupling lever, air hoses and grabs are added to the car ends.

The lettering is a mix of CDS dry transfers and various decals. The tool car decal came from Walthers set.

My finished model resting on the prototype photo which is above the model.

The car below the model is also a Fowler 36' boxcar.

Once completed I realized that I did not add the end stirrups by the ladder. So some resin ones are used.

I did not like how the brake rod looks so I added some chain while I added the stirrup.

A bit of touch-up paint with a brush and the model is done.


  1. I like how that turned out a lot! Looks good.

  2. I'm curious where you said the Accurail CV painted Fowler car is not correct. I don't think I've ever seen a photo, but I have a 1928 ORER that lists CV XM box cars series 62000 to 62999 with a 36 foot inside length. The Accurail CV car on its site is numbered 62374, so this seems at minimum credible. Do you have other info? I'm a big CV fan and would get this car, maybe even if it isn't correct!!!

    1. Hi John:
      CV had 36' wood smooth side boxcars, I have modeled these using Steam Shack kits. I have not found any information stating there was a group of 36' outside braced cars. There was a lot of outside braced 40' boxcars. I will check Accurail site...George

    2. OK, I went back and checked the ORER CV car dimensions in that 62000 series and matched them against a "known" Fowler in the CN 422000 series. There are differences, so it sounds like you're right -- but then, why doesn't Accurail do one of their 36 foot double sheath cars in V???

  3. I am not sure as they did a number of roadnames...George