Friday 11 December 2020

Kits to be Built?

The closed drawer is actually full with more kits. These are my older kits the new ones are just piled up on my chair.
I was in my kit drawer the other day searching. I realized years ago they would never all get built....but which one will is the question...George Dutka 

This is my display cabinet which holds all my excess equipment, as the layout is set for this 1950's season. I don't think I have to worry about building more kit. Oh other than a few CN 9500's here all my contemporary equipment are in two drawers under the layout...maybe a fleet of 60 cars and cabooses.

My equipment display cabinet with the door closed. I built this maybe 20 - 25 years ago out of pine boards. Most of the interior shelves are glass. Ever few years I add one or two more shelves. I am now at the point there is no room for more shelves. The furnace is right behind the cabinet. I have screwed the cabinet to the layout wall so it won't get knocked over. Maybe a second cabinet is in my future.