Tuesday 15 December 2020

Ingersoll, Ontario Station is now gone!

The station area as it looks on Dec. 11 2020. The station had been torn down on Dec. 7, 2020

On Monday Dec. 7, 2020 the CN Ingersoll station was torn down. Not a hard job as the roof was falling in and the brick walls date back to Great Western Railway days when the station was built during 1886. I stopped by the site on Dec. 11th and found site clean up was still going on. The only bright spot with the station now gone is the area is opened up better for taking photos...George Dutka

Clean up underway at the station site.

The VIA station still remains, the empty area to the right is were the station once stood.

The last time I photographed the Ingersoll station was June 2020. As one can see it did not take much to knock it down.

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