Saturday 5 December 2020

Modifying a Carolina Craftsman Kit - Newport Inn

Geoff has done a great job building and detailing a CCK kit.

Geoff Southwood  just finished kit-bashing Jeff Grove’s (Carolina Craftsman Kits) Newport Inn & Shoppes.  The picture below shows it from CCK website. Geoff made quite a number of alterations as you can see.The add-ons were as follow.

The cat, cresting on the tower, and date plaque are Vector Cut.
The curtains in the dormer windows and the shingles on the left hand false turret are Builder-In-Scale.
The dormer windows and restaurant windows are Northeastern and the dormer shutters are Grandt Line.
The air conditioners are BLMA.
The railing on the deck is Walther’s.
The US flag is Osborn.
The Adirondack chairs on the deck are GC laser (and are a real challenge to assemble)
The benches on the deck are Metcalfe.
The flowers are Woodland Scenics.
The fire call box is Mount Blue.
And, the window treatments and graphics on the second and third floors and the public service organization meeting notices by the restaurant entrance are from the internet.
I think Geoff did a great job modifying this CCK kit...George Dutka  
The CCK kit as see on their web page.

Geoff used Canopy Glue applied with a fine pin under a bright light.  The glue is ideal because it gives you an immediate tacky adhesion while permitting you to make adjustments for a minute or so before it sets up.  The chairs (Adirondacks) come in packs of four and he did two packages.  The good chairs are unoccupied and those with slight defects are hidden with people sitting in them.  After building them, he sprayed them lightly with Testors red

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