Thursday 3 December 2020

Throwback Thursday - Ottawa Central Railway Open House

Ex-CP RS-18u 1838 was being used to give visitors cab rides through Walkley Yard in Ottawa on June 14, 2003.  Looking on was sister unit 1828.  These locomotives had been constructed as CP 8736 and 8793, respectively.

By Peter Mumby.

My one and only visit to the Ottawa Central Railway occurred on June 14, 2003 when an open house was being conducted at the local Walkley Yard.  Weather conditions were less than ideal, with an overcast sky and consistent drizzle.  However, the displays were enticing, and visitors were enjoying themselves.  Members of the public were offered cab rides through the yard in one of the company's RS-18u locomotives, and a portable model railway was on display.  Several pieces of equipment housed at the Canada Science and Technology Museum had been brought to the site, and a light rail train set from the local Capital Railway (OC Transpo) could be inspected. 

C-424 4204, another CP alumnus, was part of the OCR display.

This CP van and superintendent's car had made the trip over from the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Another display featured CCPX 911, the safety car belonging to the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association.

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