Saturday 26 December 2020

Merry Christmas - Part Two

A Christmas message I received from Ian...a very nice vintage shot.

We were at our son's the past couple of days and got home last night in time for the lock-down  to begin here in Ontario. I did not get a chance to add all the interesting Christmas messages I received in my Christmas post so here are a few more. Have a happy holiday season and thanks guys for all the great greeting, I really enjoy receiving them this time of year...George Dutka

A nice Christmas message from Bill Gill.

Christmas wishes from Neil. One of the more recently finished scenes on Neil Schofield layout. I really like how he modeled the field being cut.

A Christmas message from Jim Dufour. That is a Dec 23, 1992 view at Boston, Ma. Oh that is the tower A Santa. Watch the upcoming Railway Model Planning for Jim's layout.

George Corey send out some of his favorite railfanning scenes throughout the year to a group of New England fans. This view was included in his 2020 Christmas message.

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