Sunday 27 December 2020

Shop Class Christmas Presents

My WRD will now have a few signs. Some will sit outside this winter to rust up while others are painted. The square WRD sign was done similar to the CV logos.

I normally don't get anything for the layout at Christmas. This year was different. My son being a high school shop teacher had his students working on Christmas gifts...some for our family. What he had the boys do for me was metal cut signs. They turned out great and well appreciated. He also got his friend, the woodworking teacher involved having an oak sign cut out for me...George Dutka 

My layout name on a piece of oak done in the woodworking class.

My son played around with the WRD logo on an engine sketch on his computer. This sign was the outcome.

With the shop class laser cutter, scrap stone counter top material is turned into coaster. The woodworking department made the coaster holders. I guess I best stock my workbench with a mini beer fridge to get some use of these coasters.


  1. Those logo gifts are awesome! Happy New Year to the WRD gang!

  2. Thanks Eric and Happy New Years...George