Sunday 13 December 2020

Ikea Helpers in the Workshop


These three cabinets hold mainly Floquil paint, rolling stock detail parts, structure details and part walls. Roofing and roofing on sheets fills another drawer. There is a drawer full of passenger car part and another with my diesel details. One drawer is full of smaller FOS structure kits still needing to be built. I also have one drawer of bits and pieces of Gatorfoam.

Here are a few views of my Ikea products that help with storage of my model railroad items. I have shown the 6 drawer cabinet that are on wheels before. I have been using these to hold all my detail items and small kits. The other is a rolling cart that holds my layout construction materials plus Hunterline stains and AK products...George Dutka 

This Ikea three tray roller holds most of my layout construction tools and supplies. The middle shelf also houses my Hunterline stain. The top shelf has some AK stains and acrylic paints. I have found this handy rolling it over to my workbench or anywhere on the layout construction is happening.

A few years back I purchased two more storage cabinets. At that time I rearranged my modeling details a bit better, making it easier to find small parts. In these are more part structure kits I have collection in box full purchases. A drawer of O scale details are also here and three drawers of contemporary engines and caboose. I got that idea from Don Janes as he uses his for engine storage.


  1. George -

    I love my Helmer drawers. Right now I have two since that's all the room I had in my closet when I lived in Washington State (see this post on my blog: ). Since we've moved I've added more Ikea storage, their white storage boxes with lid, "Kassett". They fit on a modified Ikea shelving unit. With Ikea magazine files in between. We like Ikea.

    My wife uses the tall rolling trays you use, but over in her corner of the room for her crafting. She got them at Michael's. I have one bottom section that she didn't use, but I haven't decided what to put in it yet.

    One of the most helpful things I did with my Helmer units (and the Kassett boxes) was label the drawers. Saves all sorts of time since I don't have to rely on my poor memory.

  2. Hi Galen:
    Happy to hear you also use Helmer drawer and they work well...George