Thursday 10 December 2020

Throwback Thursday - Promotional Survivor

CN 283032 displays its rather tired-looking promotional graphics in the early 1990s, more than twenty years after its initial decoration.

By Peter Mumby  

In 1970 CN painted a group of four freight cars in special paint schemes for a series of television ads.  Each piece of rolling stock had one side decorated in colourful graphics demonstrating the type of product carried by the particular car type.  The car ends and the opposite side were painted as per normal.  Mechanical reefer CN 235091 was decorated with a side of beef.  Cylindrical hopper CN 370708 featured vertical coloured bands.  Newsprint box car CN 401527 was decorated with newspaper mastheads displayed diagonally across the car side.  Insulated box car CN 283032, the subject of today's photo, was painted to represent a typical load of fruit.  Most photos of these cars that I have seen show the paintwork in pristine condition, circa the early 1970s.  Today's photo demonstrates what more than twenty years of wear and tear have done to the special graphics.  Note that the ACI label has disappeared, and that up-to-date lube panels have been applied.  Commercial models of the newsprint box car and the cylindrical hopper have been available in HO scale, but I don't recall seeing renditions of the other two.

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