Tuesday 22 December 2020

Prototype Corner - Coming Soon to a Level Crossing Near You (Part Two).

Prefabricated crossing panels are being installed at Adelaide St on Sunday Nov 08/20.

By Peter Mumby.

The removal of a number of retail establishments in preparation for the underpass construction on Adelaide St has created a number of perks for the railfan photographer.  Certainly parking spots are now easier to find, but the main advantage comes from the improved viewpoints that have opened up.  This is especially true on the southeast corner of the level crossing where an overgrown fence has been removed, making for a much improved view of the yard throat.  These improvements, however, are definitely temporary in nature.  I am sure that when the overpass construction is complete, chain link fences will be going up along the right of way across the bridge.  We need to take advantage of these vistas while we can! 


CP 8017 West briefly interrupted proceedings as it doubled onto its train.  Nov 08/20.
CP M18016 was catching a few rays on the east side of the crossing.  Nov 14/20.

And now a little something for the vehicle modellers in the crowd.  CP M13025 was sitting on the west side of the crossing on Nov 14/20.

By Nov 29/20 the level crossing was back to full use.  Within a few months, this location will be on the top of a bridge

This is a viewpoint that has temporarily been opened up at the southeast corner of the level crossing.  Nov 29/20


  1. Nice shot of #7022. I love those big, brutish EMD engines like the SD70s, 80s, and 90s.

  2. I think they had to rework the yard tracks to suit the temporary traffic lanes that will be to the east of the current roadway. Once the overpass is in place they will have a little more working room for the yard.