Monday 7 December 2020

South River Modelworks - H W Myers & Sons Kit

These boxes stand out on ones to-do shelf.

I am beginning a new structure this month, the Myers & Son Mill and Bennington Pottery by South River Modelworks. It is big kit that I purchased when it first came out in 2013.When I sorted out the walls for the mill I realized two walls were missing. I then thought I best check out the rest of the kit for missing parts. Two sheets for the coal silo were also missing. I think all else is there. SRM closed a few years back and I though I am out of luck.

I contacted Don Janes who also purchased the kit at the same time as me and built all the structures. He suggested contacting Bob as he helped him out in the past.

I e-mailed Bob with a copy of the parts sheet below and within a day I got a reply back. He could make the two walls for me. This was great to hear. I could have made up my own but getting them laser cut is a lot nicer. If you have any of SRM kits you might want to check out if all is there as Bob mentioned he is low on stock lumber.

Most of the model kit manufactures are good at supplying missing part and even after retirement some will help you out.

I am building the mill first as I have a spot for it after selling the structure at Bellows Crossing about a year ago. My winter project is to redo the trackage and structures at this location...George Dutka 

A good size instruction book to build the three structures included in the box.

This is less than half included in the box. The walls are laid out on my workbench with the pottery in the other part of the box.

I circled the two walls missing in the kit for Bob to see.

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