Monday 28 August 2023

August 2023 - More This and That!

In the current issue just out of Classic Trains there is a nice feature on the GT in Vermont. 

As the month and of course summer comes to an end here is a bit of a mix of topics before our fall railfanning and modeling season begins...George Dutka  

Cover of the current issue.
I am standing at the entrance of London Salvage on Egerton St. London while the power from a WB train inches up to the crossing. When you are running through the yard the crossing gate bonds are very close to the crossing. One has to be able to stop short allowing time for the gates to drop. Sept. 8, 2022

A cleaner looking covered hopper found this summer in the CN St. Thomas yard.
A new CP truck is at the west end of the London yard on July 4, 2023.

Two newer CP covered hoppers are seen here and below located in the CP London yard on June 1 2023.

This tunnel portal that I showed you recently is now in use to display cabooses on a shelf in my bookcase. The MEC caboose would not have been seen going through this type of tunnel but for my display all cabooses will bee seen here at some point.

This small FOS eating shack is done as a white wash using MIG white and dry brush dollar store white on the raised edges of the clapboard siding. The base coat is Hunterline weathering mix. I was working on this one a month or so ago.

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