Saturday 26 August 2023

Snapshot - August 2023

The London local switcher #583 is about to head out onto the Guelph Sub at London Jct. on July 4 2023. Take a look at the paint job on these two CN engines. I don't think you need a decal set to come up with this scheme.
This months snapshot is "Railfanning July 2023". I added a couple of photos from Kenneth Borg taken in Detroit...George Dutka   
 A look at the nose of this interesting paint scheme. CN 583 July 4, 2023

On the main crossing in Ingersoll there are nice flower boxes attached to the bridge over the river which can add some interest to ones photos. July 5, 2023, VIA 72

OSR handles a Cami transfer on July 5, 2023. These are ex-CP engines. I took these photos during our model RR clubs meeting at the Ingersoll VIA station. I had ventured over to the ex-CP tracks to catch the OSR.

VIA 84 from Sarnia is passing through Komoka minutes after VIA 71 had cleared. July 30, 2023

CPKC #230 passes NS at Enterprise Drive in Alan Park, Michigan. Kenneth Borg photo.

CPKC #230 is parked in front of the refurbished Michigan Central, Detroit station on July 30 2023. It is waiting for CPKC #231 to clear the tunnel. Kenneth Borg photo. When we ran from London to Flat Rock through the Windsor tunnel this station was just a shell.

VIA #71 on its way to Windsor has just entered the Chatham Sub at Komoka, Ontario. I wonder how much time these old coaches have left before they are retired.

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