Tuesday 29 August 2023

Brantford Finds

What I came home with from Brantford a few weeks back.
 Although there was lots to purchase I kept my cool and picked up three items that cost me a total of $5. The chopper is a nice size to take to our WOD-NMRA workshops at train shows...for $3 it was a steal. The two Scale Rail kits are CP old resin models from years ago which have a lot of warped parts. There is enough in the box that is OK that I can use to come up with a few structures. For a $1 each nothing lost if it does not work out. The instructions says to heat the parts to bend back into shape. I will show you the parts at some point. I feel any resin kit should have bracing added as I have seen this type of warping before with finished kits in past...George Dutka  


  1. Who doesn't love train show bargains? I know I do. It's all about....what can I use this for and getting the creative juices flowing. Low-cost model railroading at its finest!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Eric
    Yes everyone loves low-cost modeling...will see what I can do with these two kits...George