Tuesday 15 August 2023

CPR Snowplow Kit

 A CPR Snowplow Kit From Bedarail

The completed snowplow rests at the WRJ engine terminal
     Recently I purchased a 3D printed Canadian Pacific Eastern Snowplow kit from Bedarail.  I had seen some of David Bedard's work ( the owner of Bedarail) on Facebook and discovered he had a web site and sold various CPR cabooses, snowplows and a depressed flat car and also now some CNR snowplows including a double ended plow.  I decided to give a CP plow a try and ordered the kit.  I recently finished it and am very pleased with the end result.
     The kit consists of several major sections including the plow section, the rear body, wings, roof, cupola and roof and a rear floor piece.  There are also a couple of sprues with 3D printed parts such as smokestacks, horns, brake wheel, air tanks, headlight bracket and a few more small parts. Overall the parts are very well printed with lots of details and the pieces also fit together very well.  
     The wings are held in place by  tiny magnets and can be opened in two different positions or left closed.  Since the wings are only held in place by the magnets they can be easily removed if need be.  A very clever way to do this.
     As kits go, this is very spartan when it comes to various detail parts like grab irons, wire, stirrup steps etc. and these parts must be supplied by the modeler.  There were no instructions so I had to find as many photos of the prototype as I could to work from.  So, that being said I wouldn't consider it a kit for the beginner but anyone with some experience in kit building will have no problem building it and most people have a lot of the required parts on hand anyway.  I ordered a set of Blackcat decals to letter this plow.
     Overall it was a fun experience and I just might try a CNR plow next.  Hopefully Bedarail will expand their line of kits with other hard to find models of Canadian equipment.  

Here you can see the wings held in the open position by the magnets

A couple of shots of the rear end of the plow

I painted my plow to represent how it might have looked in the 1950's

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