Tuesday 1 August 2023

CPR Pontypool - Station

Looking west from the crossing near the station in this postcard view. The grain mill is in view also. There was a water tower across from the grain mill.
We looked at the grain mill not long ago. I thought you might want to see what the station once looked like in town. I am surprised the station was so large as it is a very small community. I hope to scan a few of Peter Mumby's view of a later VIA station there and post, maybe a throwback Thursday. There is no station at Pontypool today...George Dutka  

An early era view of the Pontypool grain mill. It was a much larger complex at this time. No date.

The station appears closed at the time of this photo. No date or photographer noted.

I am guessing everyone in town is on the platform this day. Today the community only has about 600 residence.

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