Thursday 23 April 2015

Bar Mills Barn on the WRD

A CV freight passes the Northfield Falls bridge with my new barn set in place on the WRD.
I recently replaced my farm scene with a new home which did not fit with the large barn in the old scene. I decided to replace the barn with the smaller Bar Mills barn-shed covered in a recent post. The size seems to work well once a few large Super Trees are added nearby. Here are a few photos for you to view...what do you think...George Dutka

I removed the house so I could work on the new barn scene. A new Gatorfoam base will be made for the home being added to the scene. The fence in the background is by Bar Mills and a variety of colours are used in the Super Trees added to the scene.
A close-up view using my Canon pocket camera set on the site of the new home.
Northfield Falls covered bridge is in background along with a B&M E-7.


  1. Your scenic artistry never ceases to amaze me George! Really wonderful scene - made all the better by such a great new structure.

  2. Thanks Chris...maybe see you at Collinsville this year...Don and I have plans to attend...George