Saturday 11 April 2015

Bar Mills Shack Pack - Barn

My finished shack pack barn is ready to go on the WRD layout. The Mail Pouch sign will face the roadway and adds greatly to the finished look of the model. I dirty-ed it up a lot.
 This neat little barn went together extremely well and quickly. It actually took more time to paint, stain and weather the barn than to build it. On my model I built the roof as straight but the kit gives you the option of a sagging roof. Trim is peel and stick as is the roofing.

As usual I gave the walls a coat of Hunterline weathering mix. This was followed by a wash of diluted Floquil grime and tuscan red. The door trim is Pan Pastel white applied once paint was dry. The walls got various Bragdon powers with a good dose of brick red to beef up the overall look of wall colouring. The photo captions tell the rest of the story...George Dutka

The kit is very simple to construct with all part fitting together without issued. The side overhang is only leaning against the main building and will not be attached till the painting and weathering is complete. Note the cut lines on the peak of the roof if you wish to model it with a sag.
Hunterline weathering mix, wash of Floquil grime and tuscan red is applied to the walls. Floquil grime is brushed on the roofing where it will show.
The Bragdon powders are what make the look of the barns weathering and colouring pop. For added interest I added a tire and some scarp lumber to the awning. Extra roof patches are also needed since the roof looks in rough shape.
The rear wall is plain and will not be seen by anyone other than my train crews and the odd spider through the summer months.
The roofing was cut and torn to show the planking detail underneath. The stick on rolled roofing is painted grimy black followed by Bragdon soot powder and dark rust. The planks under the tar paper roofing is Floquil grime with a bit of powders added.

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