Friday 17 April 2015

Montrealer at St. Albans, Vt.

I found the Montrealer #60 at St. Albans, Vermont on Oct. 11, 1992. When I took the photo the crew was already aboard and the fueling is done. The hose is the process of being reeled in. The train will leave momentarily for Montreal.
The current CVRHS Ambassador has a really nice feature on the Montealer and Vermonter. One of the photos used was a photo I took. I just supplied the photos with date and locations. The caption are those of the author. There is a note that passengers on the Montrealer are bused from St. Albans, Vermont to Montreal. I did not experience this at all on any of my visits. During the era I photographed the Montrealer it made a station stop and continued on to Montreal. During the stop the engine was fueled and a crew change took place as seen below...George Dutka

Montrealer # 60 at St. Albans at 0745 on May 15 1994. Warren Dodgson photo. Here we see the crew change happening at the same time the unit is being fueled. The two man head end crew have a few minutes to catch up on events.

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