Sunday, 19 April 2015

PanPastel Applications

I have three brushes or applicators that I use exclusively with my PanPastel. The N&W hopper is done using Pan Pastels only with these brushes.
Talking with Don Janes last week he asked how Peter and I have been applying our pastels. As it turns out all three of us have came to the same conclusion. Using smaller fine brushes for application give one better results. Originally we started with the foam pads that are suggested and sold for their use. The pads are good for large wide stroke applications, but for finer detailed weathering we found it best done a little at a time.

The brushes and pads used with my PanPastels are not used with my powders. The consistency of both products are different and don't appear to mix well on brushes while dipping into each other...George Dutka

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