Thursday 2 April 2015

New Haven - PS-1 Boxcar Model

My finished model is hard at work on the WRD. I modeled my car with one door open viewing a load of boxes loaded in Canada.
A prototype NH boxcar photo motivated Peter and I to build a HO scale NH PS-1 boxcar. We each had a McKean PS-1 kit available for such a project. I already had my CDS dry transfer (#468) while Peter worked on tracking one down.

As we like to add a few extra details to our models, Peter added a brass etched roofwalk while I uses a Kadee running board #2001. We both used A-Line stirrups. I added Tichy wire grabs on the cars end and those included with the kit for the sides. Kadee True Scale couplers #58 are added and Kadee Brake wheel #2025 is used replacing the one included in the kit. On my model I left one door open which had the floor painted Floquil grime followed by Hunterline stain and powders. I added Aberdeen Car Shops paper boxes which I covered last winter on my blog. They are Canadian loads. Cut levers are Detail Associates #6215. Tack boards are added as seen in the prototype photos.

Paint and Lettering
We followed photos and data found in the Jan 2008 RMC article by Ted Culotta (Essential Frt. Cars #40). These NH boxcars had a brighter looking boxcar red. To match the look I painted both cars 90% Floquil caboose red with 10% Floquil tuscan red. The boxcar doors are painted black. Once CDS No. 468 dry transfers are added a coat of dulcote is applied. Peter lightly weathered his car with Pan Pastels. I went a little heavier weathering with my Bragdon powders. There you have it two more New England cars for our fleet...George Dutka

Our shells, underframe and doors seen on the article we used for reference while detailing our models.
This is the photo that inspired us to take on this project.
I painted the floor that will be seen through the open door. The shell is ready for dry transfers.
Our two finished models. Peter will weather his car shortly.
Both cars are now weathered. Mine had the open door. Peter went lighter on the weathering using Pan Pastels.
This is the other side of my NH car.


  1. Hi Eddie...just built it for fun...George

  2. I've got several Walthers HO NH PS-1 40-foot boxes to assemble. Looking at your pictures here, I'm concluding that the Superior door (of the three types in the Walthers kit) is correct. But, the Walthers door is a medium mineral red, like the car sides. Should the door be black? This car has the "DF" logo, top left corner of the doors.

  3. I worked from an old magazine article photo to model my car but in the NH color guide book put out by Morning Sun the cars with the DF logo all appear to have mineral red doors...same as the body of the cars.
    As built it appears these cars had black doors as found in an article by Ted Culotta in Jan 2008 RMC. Hope this helps...George