Monday 20 April 2015

What's in the box No. 16

This is about the simplest kit I ever purchased.
Hamilton Model Works one of the dealers at this years Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show had a N scale kit that was of interest to me. The coal dealer is a really simplistic kit. Two parts, a one piece structure casting and a door track. There is two grades of coal and signage included. The kit is so simple the instructions are only a half page long. I actually built the kit, painted and weathered it in a one afternoon. Not very often do I have a structure built, painted and weathered 24 hours after it was purchased. In that afternoon a new base with ground details was also added. I will post the finished model shortly...George Dutka

Hamilton Model Works offer this kit in HO scale also but I believe it is all wood with a few more parts.


  1. George, This structure looks similar to the one that once stood at Millers Falls, which is on my scratch building list to do. John

    1. Hi John:
      I believe Hamilton Model Works makes a HO wooden version of this kit. And I agree it looks similar to what was at Millers Falls, Ma. Maybe I should be building a HO version would be easy to scratch-build by just measuring the N scale version I built...I would make it longer though...George Dutka