Sunday 26 April 2015

The N Scale Coal Shed

My finished coal shed diorama. It will become a part of a small N scale portable module Peter and I each plan on building during my next modeling season this fall.
Once the door track is glued on I began to finish the coal shed. I gave it a coat of Hunterline stain which soaking in giving it a gray appearance. I thought I could just add the powder at this time. Not did not cover well. I guess it should be sealed which I did not do. This has been a learning experience with cast plaster, a material other then stone walls I have not worked much with. Don Janes mentioned the other day he uses car paint spray bomb primers for this...that's good to know for future projects. I used Floquil grime on three walls and boxcar red on the front wall. The roof is painted with a wash of Floquil rust. I then began with my powders again which worked well. The whole project was completed and detailed on a base in one afternoon...George Dutka

I began by giving the cast plaster a coating of Hunterline stain.
I finished off with Bragdon powders.
This is the trackside view of the structure. At this point even though I thought I might be finished I decided to give the roof a wash of Floquil rust to darken the rusty look.

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