Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Windsor, Vermont - Station

Here is how the Windsor station looked during my visit, May 15, 1992. The station is in extremely good shape.
There has been talk lately on the CV Yahoo site about the Windsor, Vermont station colour. I had to dig into my photo to actually remember how it looks. The brick is unpainted and a lighter colour than used on many other structures in New England. Here are some photos I took in the past of the station. For a 1971 view check out Morning Sun's Central Vermont in Color, page 125. At that time the roofing was tar paper on the rail side and new asphalt on the south side...George Dutka

On another visit, June 12 1994 I am looking down from the main street (route #5) in Windsor, Vt.
Following Glory Days 2012 I stopped by Windsor, Vt. on Sept. 9 2012. Don Valentine notes this could be refractory brick.
Looking north on Sept. 9 2012
One can see the chimney is the same brick as the station. Looking south on June 11 1994.
The Vermonter stops at Windsor daily. Sept. 9 2012
Sept. 9 2012

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