Thursday, 30 April 2015

Model - D&H 50' Boxcar

My finished model sitting on the Morning Sun boxcar view I used for decal placement.
Here we see a model I just finished which I started about 20 years ago. I don't have many of these projects still laying around although Peter and I started scratch turn kitbash  CNR 48'6" gondolas about that time that still could use some of our efforts. The car was painted then set aside to collect dust till this winter. I had the decal so I am not sure why I never finished it.

I am glad I waited as back then I only had the data on the decal package to work from. I borrowed Peter's Morning Sun book of D&H rolling stock which had some nice shots of the car. I found that the car had the tall ladders shortened and brake wheel lowered. So the ladders are cut and brake wheel and end platforms are added. The decal used is Herald King B-341. I then dulcoted the car and weathered it using Pan Pastel white on the body and some Bragdon powders on the ends, trucks and underframe. Now it is ready for service when my modern fleet comes out.

My Robin's Rail model is in service. Floquil reefer yellow and black ends are used. I bent cut levers, added brake chain and bleed rod to my model.
I normally put all my engines and rolling stock away for boating season (May-Oct)...keeps the dust off while I am away. The layout looks kind of bare during these months if I am home and someone stops by. I think I may pull out my modern fleet for the summer season just for a change of pace and for a different look...George Dutka

I photocopied the pages from Peter Mumby's Morning Sun book I needed for this project. There actually was a few different lettering versions for this car over the years. I found all the photos had the ladders cut down on the sides and ends. I had to trim these off and touch up the paint before beginning the lettering. It would have been nice to know this before I added them 20 years ago. Most of the weathering is white Pan Pastel. I did use some Bragdon dust and rust on the lower body, trucks and underframe.
A tag is added to the tack board and some light Bragdon powder is added to the roof and on and around the doors.


  1. Swapping out the roster to newer equipment for a few months would also open up some interesting photo ops. Might work well in the summer to keep some interest up on the layout that does not require large amounts of time/effort. Just running and photographing some different equipment for a few months.

  2. You might be right Mike. I counted up my rolling stock for 1960-1980 trains...I have 30 cars, two cabooses, three dummy engines and one sound-DCC switcher...I am thinking maybe I should focusing on a 1976-77 time frame and operate some contemporary trains during the hot and humid days that keep me around the house....George