Friday 22 January 2016

Antique Shop

An overview of my new antique shop.
This structure once was the cabin along the waterway below the causeway on my WRD. Since it is not needed now I turned it into an antique shop.  The structure is actually the rear wall add-on for the Sylvan farm house I posted about last week. With the home still not needing the add-on I made a new roof out of some picture mat board. The walls are brown that I added Bragdon powder dark rust. The green door and windows get some green and white highlight powders. I have a good collection of antique signs. I went through them and added those one might find at a shop such as this. A bit of fencing, flowers and weeds are applied. The model is added to a small piece of Gatorfoam that has ground foam and dirt added. Now to find a use for this scene...George Dutka

Some F&C blocks are seen in this view along with many antique signs I have copied from sheets included with kits I have built.

The flowers, weeds and golden rod are from Scenic Express.

I used picture mat board for the roof. Although it is a bit thick, it takes paint well and has a texture that adds interest to the roofing.
The garbage can and milk can are Juneco castings. The barrel lid is from Tichy.


  1. What a really neat mini-scene and a beautifully done and detailed structure! I need to do some smaller projects like this - sure looks like fun!

  2. Thanks was a simple upgrade since the building was already built. Does not take a lot of time to pull together the details...George

  3. "Need to find a use for it…" you could always mail it to someone, you know, in Virginia???
    Looks great!

  4. Thanks never know...George